Looking for a machinist to make a small, simple prop for my performances.

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Looking for a machinist to make a small, simple prop for my performances.

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Check out these pictures of a dagger blade with a thick pin protruding from it- it's a prop for my shows. If you can take another dagger (I'd provide it) and make another dagger blade with pin, I'd like to hear from you. All you would have to do is cut off the blade of another dagger I'd provide...then make a pin like the one in the pictures...then attach it to where the dagger has been cut off. Or, you might be able to make this by grinding down the handle into a pin. Off the top of my head, the pin is approximately 2" long. As you can see in the pictures, it has a little bend to it. I would also either provide you with the this blade in the pictures so you have it in your hands when you're making a second prop just like it (either that, or I'll provide you with a way to make a matching pin). The pin you make doesn't have to be a perfect match down to the decimal point, but it needs to be as close as possible. If you can and want to do this, PM me and let me know what you'd charge as well as turnaround time. Thanks!


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