FOR SALE: 2-6-0 Mogul Gas Engine, Tender, Caboose, Turntables and 24" Track

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FOR SALE: 2-6-0 Mogul Gas Engine, Tender, Caboose, Turntables and 24" Track

Post by GoldCoastCA24gauge » Mon May 03, 2021 10:05 pm

May 3, 2021

2-6-0 Mogul Steam Engine (gas powered), Tender and Caboose
Includes 3,000 ft track, 2 turntables, 5 switches, 3 signals

• 2-6-0 Engine #09 was built at 6" or 1/2-scale to accommodate 1-2 people to sit inside the cab. Purchased plans from Little Engines of steam engine was originally 1 ½” and was scaled up to 6”.
• Runs on 24" gauge rail and tie spacing*
• Air brake system on engine and caboose
• Three electrical systems: 12 volt DC for engine & lights; 12 volt alternator conversion to 110 for smoke machine
• Lighting on front, sides and interior
• Tripp Lite APRSM4 power inverter, remote-controlled
• Engine, tender and caboose total length: 47 feet and seats up to 22 people
 Kohler 22 hp air-cooled motor, operates on gas
 Approx 16 ft long
 Seats 1-2 people
 Smoke machine (fog), Phoenix Big Sound PVII system for choo-choo, whistle and bell. Operation manuals included.
 Approx 14 ft long
 Seats 12-13 people
 Replica of an LGB Caboose
 Approx 15 ft long
 Seats 10 people
 3,000 ft of 12# track most of which was originally purchased from a Fresno brick company*
o TURNTABLES, 2 each
 One turntable was purchased from a brick company, is heavy duty with ball bearings, 20# rail and is approx 16 ft long with a 6 ft base.
o SWITCHES, 5 each
 One switch is controlled electronically.
o SIGNALS, 3 each, one with attached semaphore

• LITTLE ENGINES CONSTRUCTION PLANS of engine and tender, complete set
This train was machined and hand-crafted over the course of 25+ years. It was run for family and small group gatherings on 4 1/2 acres of private property in Shafter, CA.
Engine #09 is currently retired to a residential garage in Bakersfield. This beauty is not for daily commercial use. The handcrafted design is geared for private enjoyment only.

Shipping is at buyer's expense and responsibility, and is not included in the price.

Please check out our video at:
Photos furnished upon request (too large to attach here). Please email:

Please contact:
Merrill and Adele Lehman
Bakersfield, CA

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