Spur Gear Design Program

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Spur Gear Design Program

Post by gwrdriver »

I need a basic spur gear generator and I've done a Google search and tried a few, but haven't found one which will generate a dxf file which will successfully dxfin to my AutoCad LT. Also the ones I've found must be used on-line and I'd rather have one which can be be loaded in my computer.
I would appreciate hearing your experiences and recommendations.
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Re: Spur Gear Design Program

Post by arborist »

I realise this thread is some months old, but as it received no replies, may I resurrect it?

A very good, free gear program is GearDXF (http://www.forestmoon.com/Software/GearDXF/). It understands both world units and freedom units. It can produce 2D dxfs and can extrude them into STL files for 3DP. No connection other than a long time user.
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