Albert S Campbell locomotive pioneer

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Albert S Campbell locomotive pioneer

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I recently purchased his old family summer home in Chenango County NY and acquired quite a few old sketches, blueprints and pictures. I couldn’t see destroying them as I thought they might be of some value to someone.
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Re: Albert S Campbell locomotive pioneer

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Hello TallPines.

Thanks very much for posting this info about Al Campbell’s notebook and drawings etc. I just sent you a PM. I’ve been trying to preserve his work, and would be interested in acquiring the notebook etc from you, if you are interested in passing it along.

Here is Mr. Campbell’s personal locomotive, a 12 5/8” gauge, 4-4-0, dating from 1904. It’s not operational, but I have hopes of eventually restoring it to operating condition. Also a snappie of a couple of cylinder castings for his smaller designs.

The family reported there were the large patterns for the 12” gauge loco stored in crates on his farm. But they never did locate them. Love to hear from you if you find them!

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