Braking system

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Braking system

Post by Geochurchi »

Hi All, we have a locomotive 7.5 gauge that does not have a braking system, anyone know how this is accomplished? There looks to be brake hardware installed.

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Re: Braking system

Post by RThomp »

would really need to see some pics of the equipment you want to put brakes on. Steam, vs electric, gas hydraulic. Every locomotive would be a slightly different setup based on the drive system, space available etc.

If you always pull a couple cars, just rig up a tom bee style brake stand, compressor, brakes on the cars and you'll be fine. Probably much easier than adding to a locomotive.
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Re: Braking system

Post by Odyknuck »

As RThomp stated installing brakes on a Locomotive is not easy as I just went thru it. Depending on where you run at will determine the best route to go as in when in Rome do as the Romans do. Our club uses mostly Tom Bee Brakes on their cars and air tanks on the Engineers car. Some of the diesels have an on board air compressor that powers the Loco brakes. The Steamers use steam to power the brakes. Mine will also have steam brakes on the Loco and a Fuel car that will house a Propane tank, Air Compressor, air tank and battery. Some clubs use vacuum brakes.
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Re: Braking system

Post by Bill Shields »

Suggest you go with what the club uses so that your rolling stock will be interchangeable.
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