ROCKWELL 21-122 milling machine REBUILD

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Re: ROCKWELL 21-122 milling machine REBUILD

Post by wally318 »

There are 2 on Ebay right Now.
But they're 729 and 800.00 US
You gotta keep a close eye for ones
to come in at lower price. And then you
need to look for an angle.
In my case it was missing the drawbar so
gave me an edge to offer even lower price.
And made the drawbar myself.
Once I realized that bit about looking for an angle,
that was a game changer for me. Showed me I could
pick off the top shelf/top tier stuff.
Happened by accident.
Was looking for a rotary table and after beating my head
on some more lightly built models at way too high prices
I noticed a 10" Yuasa horz/vert. for 400.00 including shipping
(100 pounds) to Oroville,wash. The angle-it had been in a fire.
I took a channce on it after asking a few questions and doing
some homework.
Was still in the cardboard box with the nylon strapping.
The box got water soaked and exploded when picked up.
The dial handle took the bang and bent the end of the worm shaft.
I took it apart. There were some black marks on it that looked
like charcoaled 2 x 4's. A light scotchbrite on the base and table
and it looked like new.
Put the worm in the lathe and straightened the shaft as best I could.
The area inside the rotary table was unaffected, so the worm turned
smoothly. I got the external to within .003-4" So you see a bit of wobble between
the 2 dials. Doesn't affect performance. Even when mounting dividing plates.
So sometimes when you look past/beyond what many will ignore, there
are gems to be had.
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Re: ROCKWELL 21-122 milling machine REBUILD

Post by Bill Shields »


Know of the ebay items...too much $.

$300 more in my price range...until then, will continue with my home brew...a bash up of some British thing from 45 years ago that I married to not quite a Baldor made in ROC motor.
Too many things going on to bother listing them.
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