SOLD [was: Free in Seattle: stand, chip tray for RF-30]

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SOLD [was: Free in Seattle: stand, chip tray for RF-30]

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Update: Sold.

Seattle pick-up only, won't ship (sorry). Listed at $40 on CL, but free to anyone here.
See it here: ... 43319.html

This is the optional stand that came with the Rong-Fu RF-30 round-column mill, and the clones of it. My mill is labeled Enco but there were probably dozens of brand names it was sold under. This stand could be used for other things too, drillpress, grinder, aquarium... OK probably not an aquarium.

I'll give you the chip pan also, sorry no measurements of that, but it's a few inches longer and wider than the top of the stand, made of steel sheet with a rolled edge.

Some dents and scratches, but nothing that would affect the function. Door latch and hinges work.

Top of the stand is just under 24" x 16". The bottom is wider, 21-1/2", with nuts for levelling feet, no feet included. It's 27" tall. Has a door to use the inside for storage. One small, and not very useful shelf inside, make you own shelves if you want the storage space to be more useful.

The stand bolts together from 4 pieces, so you could disassemble it, say for shipping or storage.
I'm not going to ship it though, you have to come get it.
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Re: Free in Seattle: stand, chip tray for RF-30 mill-drill (or whatever)

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WOW! so near, yet so far. I'd drive a ways to get that, but a 600-mile round trip isn't cost-effective. Any thanks for paying it forward.

jack vines
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