Smith Granite 1340 Tailstock Alignment

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Smith Granite 1340 Tailstock Alignment

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I set up a test bar in my lathe. I can get it to run true between a chuck and live center; however, once I lock the tailstock in place, the piece no longer runs true. When locking the tailstock, you can see the tailstock move laterally. This is very frustrating!

I appreciate any help anyone has to offer.


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Bill Shields
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Re: Smith Granite 1340 Tailstock Alignment

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Start with an indicator In the spindle and see which direction the tailstock quill is out of alignment. Sweep areund the quill nose by rotating the spindle.

Then put an indicator on the carriage and run it along the extended tailstock quill with the tail body locked to the ways.

See if it is 'parallel' to the ways...sweep along the top and side with the quill loose and locked.

Once you have this information you will begin to have an idea of what you need to do.

Until then it is guesswork.
Too many things going on to bother listing them.
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