Requesting assistance for board issues

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Re: Requesting assistance for board issues

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Thanks John I’ll take a look at that app.

Everything is stored in the cloud anyway, so it will be interesting to see if one of the vendors has an automatic import feature that would take care of resizing for me.

I’ll report back if anything works out.
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Re: Requesting assistance for board issues

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Glenn Brooks wrote: Fri Jul 21, 2023 4:20 pmAs followup, I switched my settings on the phone and saved a series of photos using the jpeg format. File sized jumped from the 2.8 MB Apple format to 4.8MB for legacy jpegs for each photo. Almost a 100% increase in file size. So far as I can tell, the three aspect ratios programmmed into the Apple phone app do not allow 1028 pixel image size. Not good results…

Time to get a real camera and good photo-editing software. Even a cheap camera is better than the best “smart” phone on the market, and a quality camera will have optics that simply aren’t practical in a phone.

1 shoot all my photos with a Fuji FinePix, using 16×9 format and super-high resolution. If the pic calls for a really close close-up, I can set the camera down to a focal length as short as two inches, such as in the below photo.

pcb_sram_close.jpg (276.73 KiB) Viewed 21833 times

For perspective, the pins on the chips in the photo are spaced at 0.050".

If I’m going to publish a photo here, I run the JPEG through the ACDSee photo editor to reduce image size to a maximum of 1600×900 with 16-bit resolution and 8-bit color. That brings the file size down to the range suitable for uploading to Chaski, but still produces an acceptable image, like the above.

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