Rail for sale

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Rail for sale

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Newbie here. I hope it is OK to post the following:
A friend of mine is downsizing. He had a miniature Railroad at one time, that is all gone.
However, he has around 900 feet of small aluminum rail for sale. Never been used as far as I know.
Still all bundled up with angle bars and most of the hardware. I am not familiar with such things, so here are the
rail dimensions: rail 1" tall, base 3/4" wide, ball 3/8" wide, 10 ft lengths.
I think the rail width was 7 1/2 inches.
It is located near Billings, Mt.
If you know of anyone who could use this stuff or of a better place to advertise it, let me know.
We also could use some help butting a value on it. We don't want to give it away, but we don't want to gouge you either.
My e-mail is: jjklas@montana.net
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Re: Rail for sale

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You might take a look at Discover Live Stem.com. Lots of rail has been sold through the site. Jim, the site moderator, can give you a sense of what rail is selling for these days. Also, this is the go to site for live steam railroading sales. So if you choose to list there, you will reach a large group of interested people.

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