Oiling Y-axis of Shoptask Gold Machine

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Oiling Y-axis of Shoptask Gold Machine

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I have a (bought new) Gold Shoptask 3-in-1 machine circa 1999, which looks a lot like the Grizzley G9729 and others of this ilk. Yesterday I decided to pull the 3 main parts of the carriage apart and look at oiling.

The lower carriage (LC) which contacts the lathe bed has 2 oiler buttons, one for each side. Each oiler feeds a groove in the LC. They were plugged as anticipated so I cleared them and they are now fine.

The middle carriage (MC) is 2 part, which allows rotation of the Y-axis. I did not split this as I have no problem with it. However, the upper part that mates with the Y-axis has no provision for oiling the y-axis ways. There is no way to get oil to them as the y-axis fully covers the MC. Yes there was some oil on them at disassembly, maybe it's been there for 20+ years, the machine was lightly used. The picture is an end shot and shows the relationship.

Any recommendations on oiler types to install? I'd need one on both ways. They would have to stay below the platform. Buttons are ok, but do require some pressure for the oil to move along.

Should I scrape the gib strips flat? Don't have the tools to check the dovetails.

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