Tools for sale

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Tools for sale

Post by Scooterpat »

Hi all,

I have a shop full of tools for sale. The list is long, and includes a Bridgeport mill.
Please see this posting on Craig's list for more info. ... 26587.html

Thanks for looking,

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Re: Tools for sale

Post by wally318 »

If this is your FIRST post it shouldn't be in the WTB/FOR sale forum.
I do beleive its not allowed?
This is one way we protect ourselves from SCAMMERS.
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Re: Tools for sale

Post by Harold_V »

As a moderator I am unaware of any restrictions on where one's first post may be placed. It isn't uncommon for a new reader to join the board strictly with the idea in mind of liquidating tools that are no longer needed or were inherited. Once gone, there would be no further offerings, unlike folks who spam the board in an attempt to sell products endlessly (those people are immediately banned from the board).

There's a fine line that management walks when allowing offers to readers. Such offers are permitted with the idea in mind that the tools or services offered are a definite asset to the readers and are intended to aid those who are in the market for often hard to find items. Used machine tools and accessories that are useful to the home shop are amongst those items.

I suspect that, in this case, the post placed is totally acceptable.


My comments are NOT an endorsement of the offering. As the offer comes from one with no track record, readers should use due diligence to ensure that they are making a sound decision when choosing to interact with the seller.
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Bill Shields
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Re: Tools for sale

Post by Bill Shields »

shame it is in LA.......
Too many things going on to bother listing them.
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