Have a couple questions about milltronics mb20-a series c

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Have a couple questions about milltronics mb20-a series c

Post by Nashty »

I recently purchased a milltronics mb20-A series C and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me why the inside of the control box doesn't match the schematics that milltronics sent me based off of the serial number. Also it looks to me like this machine was set up to run on single phase can anyone verify this based on the pictures?
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Bill Shields
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Re: Have a couple questions about milltronics mb20-a series c

Post by Bill Shields »

Either mtronics has a number wrong in their database or someone has swapped electronics to the iron.

Find something inside the electronics boxes that has a serial or date on it and go back to milltronics...

Up in the upper left hand corner of the last photo, there appears to be an ID tag of some sort...
Too many things going on to bother listing them.
Bob D.
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Re: Have a couple questions about milltronics mb20-a series c

Post by Bob D. »

I've worked on a number of Milltronics machines. They were all 3 phase input. I would say yours was at least originally due to the 3 phase disconnect and three phase wiring that is in place.
Were you able to run the spindle when you had it powered up? Without better pics of the wiring connections it is hard to say what you have. Look for input wiring to the vfd and servo drives. The control is single phase regardless. I would research the vfd to see if it can run on single phase. Some can, some can't. The servo drives could well be single phase and since you were able to jog the Z that looks to be the case.
Milltronics documentation can be confusing. They tend to generalize and show things your machine doesn't have. The “don't load old parameters” sticker is a clue something has been changed. Do you have a parameter list?
Gonna need a lot more info to figure this out…..
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