What Steam Pressure for Locomotive Boilers- Eng. Porta, 1952

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What Steam Pressure for Locomotive Boilers- Eng. Porta, 1952

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“This White Paper, was written by mechanical engineer L.D. Porta in 1999 and addresses some of the misconceptions and concerns surrounding old steam locomotive boilers. The paper addresses a bit the history of riveted construction in bridges, including the famous Firth of Forth bridge. Apart from being one of the most iconic railroad structures in the world, it is also constructed of steel held together with millions of rivets, all of which have stood the test of time since their installation in the 1880's. “ - CSRAIL.ORG

Many facets of his paper are applicable to live steam boilers. So, I thought I might post the paper in its entirety here in our research section.

I am particularly interested in Eng Porta’s arguments regarding the proven safety and longevity of riveted boilers and his discussion of the several myths that incorrectly relate steam pressure as a principle concern and cause of boiler failure.

The paper is published as a free and publicly available resource by the Coalition For Sustainable Rail, in cooperation with the Porta Family Foundation, and may be reproduced herein.

In the event our website does not properly download the .PDF, the document may be read at the following link:

https://csrail.org/white-paper-blog/201 ... ve-boilers


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