12” gauge Railroad

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12” gauge Railroad

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12” gauge backyard railroad for sale. (2.5” scale)
- 1950 Ottaway steam engine and tender: loco restored in good working order. 145psi coal fired, code boiler.
- 1960ish Ottaway B-14 “Rocketliner” diesel style locomotive. Loco #12. Partially restored, includes: professionally rebuild 4 cylinder Wisconsin motor, transmission, Ottaway badging and trim, and wheel and truck components
- 2 riding cars
- 1000’ track (8# rail)
- 2 switches, 1 diamond crossing
- wheels and truck frames to make two additional cars.

This is the only known collection of both ottaway steam engine and B-14 “Rocketliner” diesel outline locomotive in the world. The steam engine is restored and running. The B-14 needs assembly and new livery.
located near Seattle, Washington.

All or part. Will sell loco’s separately.

$57,500, OBO
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