Wanted: 7.5" Winton couplers & truck castings

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Wanted: 7.5" Winton couplers & truck castings

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Hi all,

I'm posting this on behalf of long-time NJLS member Ron Cicchini, who has limited computer availability. Ron is nearing completion on a rebuild of a 7.5" Winton Mogul and is in need of some additional Winton Engineering Co couplers and trucks (and/or raw castings) to finish things off. Note that he is *specifically* looking for Winton castings in order to best match the look of some of the original parts; Ron is fully aware of the other, more readily available options out there in the hobby but is adamant in trying to use Winton castings if at all possible. He has also repeatedly tried contacting the folks who now have the Winton patterns, with no success.

Ron is specifically looking for:
Couplers, 1-1/2" scale (P/N WC-15-29)
Draft Gear Pocket (P/N WC-15-9)
Arch Bar Trucks, 1-1/2" scale (P/N C-15-ABT)
Bettendorf Type 50 Ton Trucks, 1-1/2" scale (P/N C-12-BTA)
Tender Trucks, 1-1/2" Scale (P/N unknown)

If you have any of the above parts and/or castings that you would be willing to part with, please PM me here and I'll pass the word along to Ron.

Many thanks in advance!

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