Mic-6 jig plate for the new rotab

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Re: Mic-6 jig plate for the new rotab

Post by coal miner » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:31 pm

Got to finish the jig plate today . Drilled and tapped lot of holes . 36 to be exact . The first time I have power tapped using the mill . Drilled the 5/16" hole then inserted the 3/8"-16 tap in the chuck and jogged the start while holding a slight down pressure to engage the tap. Kept jogging the tap till full depth was reached and jogged the tap back out . Piece of cake ! I know , you old heads do this all the time , but I had some reservations about this process and my ham-handed operator abilities . It sure saved a lot of time .

The jig plate indicated in and set up on some spacers , so I wouldn't drill thru to the rotab table .


Drill and tap ....... a lot .


Took the plate to the bench after getting done with the holes to debur the back side so he plate would lay flat on the rotab table .


Back on the rotab and bolted down . The stub arbor on the bottom helped locate w/in .001 in the run out and the top was flat as pancake .


Another shot of the finished jig plate w/ a 7/16' tapped hole in the middle .


Got back on the Farm Boy Engine This the water hopper set up on the rotab to cut a boss around the hold down plug and radius the bottom . Think I'm going to find a lot of uses for the new tooling .

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Re: Mic-6 jig plate for the new rotab

Post by EdK » Sat Nov 06, 2010 5:56 pm

coal miner,

Very nice job on the plate. Once I find a piece of aluminum adequate for the project, I'll be taking some of your ideas and incorporating them into my version. Thanks for posting the pictures. :D

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