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Postby moderator » Sun Jul 24, 2005 3:21 pm

A warm thanks to all those who have registered on the Chaski WWW Railfan Forum Extreme Makeover.
We have reached our first hundred registered members, and hope for many times that many as time goes on.
While this forum is more controllable than the old one, it is not likely that it will always be smooth sailing.
But the flame wars of the past are over.
The board will be tightly controlled, not by one moderator but by a group of moderators to ensure more positive monitoring of the board. These moderators will remain nameless. It doesn't matter who they are, it only matters what they do.
I encourage other former users of the Chaski WWW Railfan forum to register on this new software. I believe that this forum will retain it's old reputation as one of THE places to go on the internet for railroad topics.
For those who need to retain complete anonymity, this board will not give away your identity.
To all who have registered, thank you. To all who are looking and lurking, I say to you that you are welcome to register and join in the conversations. I also welcome you to look as you like.

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