Loram and Railroads want YOU!

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Loram and Railroads want YOU!

Postby Mark D » Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:52 pm

Back in September, the local Mpls. paper did two related articles. One was about Loram. Yes, THAT Loram, the company that runs their equipment around the country (world) and re-profiles rails with their proprietary grinders that they build in house, and sell world wide at a price of about $25m each.
Though Loram is actually a Canadian started and owned company, it is headquartered in Hamel, MN., an outer ring suburb of Minneapolis.
All this information, and much more, came out at a convention at the Mpls. Convention center that was called Railway Interchange 2011. The article says this convention is the first in North America that combines engineering, MOW, mechanical, systems, and railroad supply industry organizations under a one roof convention.
So, naturally Loram was there.

We've all seen these Loram units running slowly down the tracks with sparks flying and water spraying. Trains that include crew cars, engines and grinders and fuel and supplies. I'm impressed that while they used to grind the rails (not all that long ago) at less than 3 mph, today they're doing the same job at 12 mph. And I'll bet they're not stopping there. I'd bet they're looking at trying to do it at, my guess, 15 or better. Time is money.

The last comment in the Loram article was that while in the past railroading was what was called a cyclical industry, today it is called a secular growth industry.

The Canadian Pacific was also mentiones. They, and apparently most other railroads, are looking for good people. Even though there's still a recession, or at least a sluggish economy going on, the railroads are growing. Business is coming back, and the slow days of 2009 are behind.
The article follows one person who applied with CP. This guy had been working part time at a local general aviation airport, Flying Clloud airport. It doesn't say how he found out about a railroad job, but he decided that he was going to work for the CP. He applied for no less than 8 jobs with the CP, and then drove to Detroit just to meet the hiring personel.
The article shows him in pictures getting a tour through a CP locomotive.
Part of the reason they're looking for new workers, though, is because their workers are aging. It won't be long before there'll be some mass retirements.

(I wonder how the railroad pension will hold up when that many people retire all at once? I hope it works out. It's the only pension plan that has withstood the test of time. I hope it continues to do so.)

And if you want a job in MOW, the article says that the railroads are on track to have invested $12 B this year in infrastructure. They need MOW people to help spend that money.

While there were a little under 4.5 m carloads shipped in the US in 2009, there were over 6 m last year, and this year it will be more than that. Growth is steady.

If you want a career working for a railroad, now is as good a time as any to get your foot in the door.

Mark D.
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