Emery Trust awards 19 grants, including three for mainline steam PTC

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Re: Emery Trust awards 19 grants, including three for mainline steam PTC

Postby Mark D » Tue May 15, 2018 9:19 am

Interesting reading. Mostly the comments below. One reader suggested that why would the 261 receive a grant for PTC when Amtrak isn't allowing it to operate. So, what does he think? Like the 261 organization is just going to lie down and cry? You can bet that there are things going on right this minute to find a way to go forward. That means that it probably will go forward and will still need PTC in the end. By the way that grant isn't going to even make it past the first step in developing PTC for steam locomotives. Even the now cancelled trip to Duluth and back, which was supposed to bring in funds to develop steam PTC, isn't enough. It's a very expensive undertaking and that should speak by itself that the 261 group is not going to take this Amtrak sucker punch lying down.
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