Another grade crossing wreck on BNSF Wayzata Sub.

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Another grade crossing wreck on BNSF Wayzata Sub.

Postby Mark D » Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:04 pm

Some forum users might remember my post a while back about a local high school kid who drove his car into a train in broad daylight.
Well, on Nov. 7th of this year a 32 year old guy was driving along that same stretch of highway in the same direction. He blew through the crossing in front of an oncoming BNSF coal train. The train was headed eastward, the truck north.
Eastward means the coal train was loaded. Not that it makes any difference.
From the photo in the local rag, it appears that the truck almost got across before the lead unit clipped his left rear. It shows the truck, which appears to be a relatively new GMC medium truck, like a C-70 or such with a dump body, lying across the road on its side. A load of what appears to be demolition material is spilled off to the ditch on the east side of the road.
The stopped train is blocking the crossing in the background.
The driver is shown squatting on the ground with what appears to be an expression of "this is the worst day of my life my boss is going to fire me and it's all because of the dumb train why do trains have to come here anyway I hope they don't jerk my license but they shouldn't and they shouldn't even give me a ticket because after all I didn't do anything wrong I was just unlucky enough to get hit by a train how could I have known it was coming..."....

There are no crossing arms at this crossing, but there are cross bucks and flashing lights that I believe were working just fine.
The truck is owned by Laplant Demo Inc. and was evidently hauling debris to the landfill.

Well, I'll bet if he drives again, he'll pay more attention to the railroad crossings from here on. He's lucky to be alive. If he'd been just a second or so slower, that lead unit would have drilled him right in the drivers door.

The visibility at that crossing is not the best in the world, but it is still very good. There's no excuse for either hitting a train or getting hit by a train in any case, but especially at this crossing.

I can only imagine how many 'accidents' of this type happen annually around the country. The major media networks only pick up on these sorts of things when there's a huge fire, or something where a lot of people die. School buses always get noticed. I'll bet there are hundreds of these that nobody hears about other than local residents.
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