A Christmas TEST!!

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Charles T. McCullough
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A Christmas TEST!!

Postby Charles T. McCullough » Fri Dec 24, 2021 11:54 am

Okay... tis the season to present a TEST... this WILL be a part of your final grade!

Please name all TEN of Santa's reindeer. You may look on-line for the answers, but only those that can name all TEN will receive a passing grade!




Many people will be able (without reference to the internet or other media) to name some of the eight that are regularly slated to tug on the sleigh.

A few of those will make a mistake and name one (or two) twice in their list. This is a common mistake, due to the similarity of some of the names. But writing the names down should reveal the error.

Some might be able to name all eight without referring to the internet or other media.

A few will easily add the name of the Ninth and most will agree after an embarrassing moment

But how many of you will be able to name the other reindeer? That ol' number TEN?
Semper Vaporo,
Charles T. McCullough


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