Hello! Is anybody in there?

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Mark D
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Hello! Is anybody in there?

Postby Mark D » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:23 am

To take a phrase from Pink Floyd...
if you don't have something railroad to discuss, why not post something you think others would like to know about.
Since it is SO SSLLLLOOOOOOWWWW here lets put something interesting no matter. There is, also, the Round House which is intended for off topic features. However, it seems nobody goes there. I have a solution... for now, put a topic in BOTH places?

For instance, right now I'm busy swapping engines out of my wife's car because a piston went south. Since the block is not repairable, I am replacing the entire engine from a salvage yard. If something comes of this, and I get some replies, I will continue with the story.

Mark D.
Mark D. - The bottom of the information curve

Charles T. McCullough
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Re: Hello! Is anybody in there?

Postby Charles T. McCullough » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:31 pm

Nobody here but us chickens!

Cars are too dirty... I'd rather work on a Steam Locomotive. But, you and my son should get together... he has swapped a few engines in cars. He lives in North Dakota and sends all his weather your way (actually he sends it toward his brother who lives north of the Mini-no-place (just east of Zimmerman).
Semper Vaporo,
Charles T. McCullough


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