Some news that isn't quite so bad. Maybe

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Some news that isn't quite so bad. Maybe

Postby Mark D » Fri May 26, 2006 9:43 am

Well, it seems that maybe the big U is still on NCL's list of things to do.
Also, at least they saved some of the stuff aboard Norway. But big deal, the boat itself should be preserved just as much as the art within.
The following is again copied from Maritime Matters.

Those Three Two Stackers
May 24: While on board NCLA's new PRIDE OF HAWAI'I this past weekend, MaritimeMatters was able to ask chairman Colin Veitch about the fate of NCL's three classic two stacked liners.

SS NORWAY/BLUE LADY: Before the former SS FRANCE was sold for scrap, the art from her two dining rooms, children's playroom, stairtower, and library were removed. These important works are currently in storage and may be utilized on board a revitalized SS UNITED STATES or another ship in the NCL fleet.

SS UNITED STATES: Star Cruises' chairman, Tan Sri LIM Kok Thay, announced during the christening of PRIDE OF HAWAI'I, that the UNITED STATES would be coming back as the fourth ship for Norwegian Cruise Lines America. Her refurbishment will follow or concur with the building of two more ships for the NCL international program. No further details were announced.

SS INDEPENDENCE/OCEANIC: Mr. Veitch did not have an encouraging outlook for the INDEPENDENCE (now SS OCEANIC), stating that she was not laid up properly by her last owners and has deteriorated considerably in the past few years.
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