A different tack on the Norway

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A different tack on the Norway

Postby Mark D » Wed Nov 21, 2007 1:26 pm

Since this is a new direction, I decided to put it in a different thread.
It seems that the accident that fostered the decision to scrap that beautiful ship has also caused a lot of lawyering in the courts, and the restults aren't in yet. In the following article, they refer to boiler # 23. That boat only had, what? 4, I think, boilers.
Anyone who works with steam locomotives knows the boiler is the heart of the engine. Also that it's most of the maintenance of the locomotive.
Ships are much larger and more complex devices, but the boilers in steamships are still just as important, and still just as dangerous if mismanaged in any way.
The big difference in the Norway is that, as with most ships, the boilers were water tube boilers. Apparently they can still sting you a good one if you don't respect it.
I say that because regardless of what the NTSB comes up with for the cause of the explosion, it is most probable that human error was involved at some point to start the chain of events that resulted in the explosion.

Shamelessly copied from Maritime Matters:

NORWAY Investigation Remains Unfinished
November 19: The Northern County Gazette, serving New York State reports on the fact that it is 4 1/2 years after the tragic boiler explosion on SS NORWAY (ex FRANCE) and there is still no conclusion from the NTSB.

A little before 7AM on May 25, 2003, NORWAY's boiler number 23 exploded while the ship was berthed in the port of Miami-Dade, Florida. Eight crew were killed and a further seventeen were injured. The National Transportation Safety Board launched an investigation. In 2005 during an annual report to the US Congress, the NTSB reported that the investigation "was ongoing" with a focus on "adequacy of the maintenance, repair, and inspection of the boilers". This was reportedly the last public mention of the NORWAY investigation and no final report has been issued. For detailed Northern Gazette article please go to www.northcountrygazette.org/news/2007/11/18/norway. Click here for SS NORWAY on Maritime Matters.
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