TRAIN WRECK At Dassel, MN 1903

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TRAIN WRECK At Dassel, MN 1903

Postby Mark D » Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:07 pm

My wife dragged home a small news paper from the Dassel museum. It's a sort of monthly thing they publish.
She doesn't usually bring them home, but this one caught her eye.
I can't legally copy the story, but I can tell what happened. Much shorter than the article anyway.
It happened near what the locals call the Linberg Crossing. This happened on the Great Northern RY, the same ROW that the BNSF operates on from the Twin Cities west.
incident happened on a Sunday, Sept. 13 1903.
Train was operating normally, at 45 mph. It was a passenger train. All the article says is that something went wrong and it "jumped" the track. (I get a kick out of that JUMPED) Nevertheless, it did derail, which also cused all the cars behind it to follow suite.
Several passengers were injured, mainly just cuts and bruises. One death - a man from Iowa who had been working in North Dakota as a farm hand all summer and was headed home to his wife and kids in Iowa. But apparently he didn't have any money or he was too cheap to buy a ticket. In any case, he was riding the rods (under one of the cars) and when the derail happened he took the brunt of it. He lost both legs, both arms and his head all separated and scattered along the ROW.
By late Monday all was cleaned up, trains were running and only those who saw it all knew. No sign of what had happened the day before.
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