Back then news features James J. Hill this week

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Back then news features James J. Hill this week

Postby Mark D » Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:58 pm

I've heard that JJ Hill wasn't the most popular tycoon in his day, and apparently the media of the time didn't want to help his image, either.
The way I see it, the following reads that way, anyway:

July 16, 1893
"Railroad Baron Passes Through
J.J. Hill passed through Litchfield Wednesday afternoon in company with other Great Northern officials on a special train.
When Mr. Hill travels, all trains have to keep out of his way and sidetrack. When his train left Litchfield, it was almost time for the passenger train from the eastbut he went through to Darwin and the passenger had to sidetrack and wait for the Hill train. This made the passenger train about 15 minutes late in Litchfield. Hill had been in Sioux City and the papers say while there he had taken over the Sioux City and Northern Railroad."

Non the less, like the man or not, people still used the railroad. It says Nelson March went to Marshall last week and will return tonight with a car load of horses.

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