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Station to Station

Postby Mark D » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:29 pm

Keep an eye on this. A special art train is running cross country. In Chicago at the moment, it's an Amtrak operated special that is supposed to arrive Twin Cities Midway I think Wednesday, and will leave Friday morning.
It's a pretty decent size train, and among the cars are 7 of the 261 cars from the Twin Cities.
After it leaves the Twin Cities, it goes back to Chicago, then heads west through some cities until it arrives in, I think, L.A. where the train is broken up and the cars go back to their respective places.

Below is a part of the schedule as close as I can get it.
In Chicago Sept 10 Chicago to T.C. Sept 11 LV 10AM Arrive 6PM
at Midway station Sept 12th
Back to Chicago Sept 13th 10AM, arrive maybe 6PM

To Kansas City (KCUS?) Sept. 14th around 10 AM Arruve KCS around 5.
Will be in KC Sept 15th, not sure after that.

There is a phone number people can call. I haven't, but it's on a sign on the back of the Skytop Lounge car, at the rear of the train. It says, "How's my driving? Call 877-323 5525".
Makes me think of those bumper stickers, "how's my driving? Dial 1-800-eat-////.

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