Pennsy 1361 Restoration Is Finally Back On Track

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Pennsy 1361 Restoration Is Finally Back On Track

Postby SOO2719 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 11:01 am

After 30 years of red signal/green signal, the restoration of Pennsy K-4 1361 is finally back on track (article is free to read):
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John Bohon
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Re: Pennsy 1361 Restoration Is Finally Back On Track

Postby John Bohon » Thu Jul 15, 2021 5:29 pm

THe only times I have seen this engine was when it was on display at Horseshoe Curve. To me it is like nearly, if not all PRR steam, and was hit with a big ugly stick. Seriously this is an engine that has a lot of possibilities. It can go a lot of places, pull a reasonable train, move at speed easily. Unfortunately it has suffered from improper care since the PRR days. The PRR idea of how to maintain locomotives was to run them until they fell apart, load the parts on the tender, and run them some more. It was the railroad that modified the staybolts on the crownsheet and reduced the boiler to below the factor of safety required. Add to that the use of improper materials and poor workmanship in some of the restoration attempts and there is a huge amount of firebox work to do. After that you still have to assemble the kit from the parts that are scattered about. Most of those will no doubt need repaired too. It is a huge job but hopefully this time Humpty Dumpty will get put back together again and they will find a place to run 1361 and a way to get it there over NS. See, operating steam locomotives today is just as easy as that.

John Bohon

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